Part of Gwinnett’s dynamic success is its quality of life — which includes new neighborhoods, continued improvements in transportation and its welcoming business climate. But have you ever stopped to think about how all of these things got here?

Development, Planning and Engineering, Inc. (DPE) is a civil engineering and land surveying firm that spends their days (and sometimes evenings) developing and designing plans to make sure these things are built safely and smartly with solid infrastructures.

Opening its doors in 1999, DPE was founded by two colleagues, Kyle Bowen and Jimmy Garrison. Bowen, a graduate of Georgia Tech, and Garrison, an Auburn University graduate who earned a master’s degree from Georgia Tech, knew the Northeast-Atlanta area was hitting a growth spurt. Opening an office in Buford seemed like a natural location for the firm.

“We’re centrally located to the growth in Gwinnett, Hall and Forsyth counties,” said Bowen. And their location as well as their expertise has served them well.

Focusing on residential, transportation and commercial projects, DPE has made an impact on development throughout the metropolitan area.

“We take a project and develop it from the ground up,” says Garrison. Having accurate field work is one of the main components to developing a project. That is why Bowen and Garrison chose to partner with Jon Stubblefield in 2001. Stubblefield, a Registered Land Surveyor, brings over 19 years of land surveying experience to the company.

“Our land surveyors are experienced, know how to make field adjustments and are qualified to make on-the-spot decisions,” says Stubblefield. Having all the aspects of the process in house makes it possible for the firm to take new, undeveloped land, prepare it for construction and see it through to the final build out.

Providing these services demands that DPE have a highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. With continued training and a focus on the importance of local and state codes and ordinances, Bowen and Garrison have built a company with some of the most talented professionals in the industry.

A solid background in the construction industry also lends to the expertise of DPE. Both founding partners have family members in the construction business.

“We’ve both worked in the industry our entire lives,” said Bowen. “While in high school, we both worked with our fathers during the summers and continued to work during college. We understand all aspects of the development/building process.”

What sets DPE apart from other firms? “We realize time is money,” says Bowen. “We set a deadline, and we meet that deadline.”

“Our goal is to create a design that not only functions, but can be built economically and achieve final results within our client’s timeframe,” adds Garrison.

This kind of synergistic approach helps distinguish DPE from other planning and engineering firms.

“We don’t want to sell a client on a plan or design that cannot be achieved easily or economically. As a partner for our clients, it’s critical that the design work with their needs, their schedule and their budget,” said Garrison.

It’s this type of “one-stop-shop” approach that keeps DPE’s work seamless, expedient and professional.

With the continued growth of Gwinnett, as well as its neighboring counties, an experienced, trust-worthy company like DPE is an invaluable asset to the development industry. DPE has proven themselves by delivering quality, experience and superior client service.


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